Architectual Ceramics

When I think of things, I always think about “boundaries” around them.In other words, serching for the space in “between”. Architecture and Ceramics, Digital and Analog, Inside and Outside, Artifical and Nature, Chaos and Order Hence, it is not something you can clearly differentiate, like 0 and 1 in digital code, like black and white. Rather , an infinity of degrees actually exist between 0 and 1, and an infinite grading of shades exist between black and white. A boundary is not a simple line. Something we could describe as a “fuzzy boundary”can also exist. Once I stop to separate everything by one line, looking through this perspective; arises many silently hidden places. Wondering through the center of the infinite, suffering and strugging - I strive to look for my own place. This open minded adventure much like own life, is incredibly enjoyable.

物事を考えるとき、それらを取り巻く「境界」について思い巡らします。言い換えれば、ある事象の微妙なる「あいだ」を探すという行為です。建築と陶芸、デジタルとアナログ、内と外、人工と自然、混沌と秩序それらは、0 と1、または白と黒のように明確に区別されるものではなくて、むしろ、それらの間には、無数の分数、無限の色彩や階調のグラデーションが広がっています。1本の線で分けることをやめてみると、その境界の中に今まで密かに隠れていた様々な場所が湧き上がってきます。無限大の「あいだ」の中で、彷徨い格闘しながら自分の場所を見つけていく。一筋縄でいかないその冒険が、人生そのもののようで、無性に楽しいです。

Referencing and drawing from the essence of the culture and nature of Japan that he has been focusing on in his studies, Nara has innovated the realm of ceramic art with his own unique technique that he appropriately calls “hybridizing,” to create an ultramodern style much different from traditional ceramics. It came about in the way comparable to a solution a researcher arrives at through repeated experimentation in a laboratory.
Two aspects that Nara is generally keeping in mind during the creation of his works are those of “boundaries” and “spaces.” It is in the infinite spaces between ceramics and architecture, digital and analogue, interior and exterior, chaos and order, where he aims to carve his own niche as an artist. This struggle is deeply reflected in his works, which manifest at once an entirely new and singular kind of place that Nara has been building for himself.



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